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AI for Sustainability
Simplify Building Impactful LLM Apps 

Explore the frontier of sustainability with TianGong AI, where cutting-edge Large Language Models meet environmental innovation. Our platform offers intuitive tools to build LLM applications that drive meaningful change, supporting your journey towards a more sustainable future.


Large Language Models (LLMs) Apps

Experience cutting-edge AI with our LLM apps, designed for both depth and ease of use. Dive into advanced AI capabilities without the complexity.


Professional Applications based on
Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG)

Unlock the full potential of AI with our RAG-based applications. Tailored for professionals, these tools blend extensive data retrieval with innovative generation techniques.


User-Friendly and State-of-the-Art

Step into the future of AI effortlessly. Our platform is easy to navigate, quick to deploy, and built with a state-of-the-art architecture, ensuring you're always ahead in the AI race.

Transform your AI interactions with TianGong AI ChatGPT Plugin, a tool that enhances ChatGPT with real-time data access and computational capabilities. It addresses key challenges like data recency and accuracy, making AI conversations more dynamic and informed.

A versatile RAG action tool providing service of API, specifically fit for integration with GPTs in ChatGPT. This tool enables developers to enhance functionalities of your GPTs, allowing for more dynamic and responsive interactions within AI conversations.

TianGong AI Chat offers developers a robust framework to create sophisticated chatbots using the RAG model, with a customizable interface for integrating diverse data sources like the internet, arXiv, Wikipedia, and personal uploads for nuanced, informed responses.

Utilizing LLMs to facilitate task execution tailored for the sustainability domain and academic research, currently in active development. This tool empowers developers to create AI agents that can navigate complex sustainability-related challenges.

Kaiwu - GPT for Sustainability

“TianGong AI provides a series of tools that can be used to establish and maintain RAG-based LLM apps, as well as GPTs, effortlessly."

Ready to build?


Our Maintainers team, comprised of seasoned AI and LLM experts, is dedicated to the continuous enhancement and innovation of our open-source projects, ensuring they meet the highest standards in the field for sustainability.

Project Lead

Nan Li

Tsinghua University

Core Developer

Yuanyi Huang

Tsinghua University

Prompt Engineer

Jianchuan Qi

Tsinghua University

AI Scientist

Jing Guo

Tsinghua University

Thanks to our partners and contributors, for making this work

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