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Guiding Principles for Open and Credible Database - TianGong

At the heart of informed decision-making and effective life cycle assessment (LCA) studies lies the need for open, objective, transparent, and traceable data. TianGong Data is dedicated to fulfilling this need by offering open, transparent, and traceable LCA databases. These databases are the result of scientific, unbiased, and standardized processes, supported by the collective efforts of an open community. Our goal is to foster sustainable development worldwide through this initiative.


Open and Sharing

The TianGong Initiative is deeply committed to the ethos of open sharing. We've developed LCA databases that are freely accessible for global and cross-industry use. Our aim is to remove data barriers, promote data equity, build collective trust, and encourage international cooperation.

Professionalism and Credibility

At TianGong, professionalism and credibility are paramount. We've implemented open, rigorous data collection and review processes, continually open to enhancement suggestions. Data is gathered by field researchers, meticulously reviewed by expert teams, and subjected to multi-dimensional quality control, including advanced AI technology. This meticulous approach ensures TianGong data meets the highest professional standards and provides reliable support.

Traceability and Transparency

Transparency and traceability are fundamental values of TianGong Data. We ensure users can easily trace data back to its origins. All steps in data collection are fully archived and queryable, ensuring clarity, verifiability, and usability. This approach counters the risks associated with opaque, untraceable "black box" data.

Broad Compatibility

TianGong Data is formatted in the widely-used ILCD format, ensuring compatibility with various LCA software platforms.

Continuous Updates

The TianGong Community is a dynamic and ever-evolving data collective. We constantly integrate new data, expand coverage, and refine existing data quality. This ensures our users have access to the most current, accurate data reflecting latest trends. We invite you to join our community and contribute to enhancing data quality.

AI-Enhanced Processes

TianGong AI plays a crucial role in constructing TianGong Data. It provides services like information retrieval, data processing, and quality control, employing large language models to boost efficiency in data acquisition and quality control.

Further Insights

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