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Use Guide: GaBi


GaBi is one of the widely used LCA software, supporting the import of ILCD format data packages.

Currently, there are issues with the complete import of Tiangong LCA data into GaBi. We suspect it is due to GaBi's support issues with new flows (i.e., flows not in the GaBi database). We are continuously testing and welcome contributions from the community.

Current solution: First import the Tiangong database into OpenLCA, select the unit processes to be used, export them individually as ILCD ZIP packages, and then import into GaBi.

Operating Instructions

1: Import the Tiangong database into OpenLCA (see Use Guide: OpenLCA).

2: Select the unit processes to be imported into GaBi, right-click, Export.

3: Choose "ILCD" - "ILCD Zip-File", and click "Next".

4: Set the export file path (the unit processes to be exported are already selected by default), and click "Finish".

5: Wait for the export to complete.

6: In GaBi, select the database to be imported, right-click — "Import" — "ILCD/eILCD (EF 3.1)".

7: In the pop-up file box, find the exported ILCD ZIP data package, and click "Open".

8: Wait for the import to complete.

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