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Use Guide: SimaPro


SimaPro is one of the widely used LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) software. However, its data import function only supports SimaPro CSV and Ecospold formats, and does not support ILCD format files. For more details, please see the official SimaPro documentation.

According to SimaPro official recommendations: First import the Tiangong database into OpenLCA, then export the file as SimaPro CSV, and finally import it into SimaPro.

Additionally, based on our experiments, we speculate that some data cannot be imported into SimaPro due to its field length limitations, while ILCD supports multiple languages and some fields exceed SimaPro's limits. It is recommended that users select the unit processes they need and import them into SimaPro individually.

Operating Instructions

1: Import the Tiangong database into OpenLCA (refer to the Use Guide: OpenLCA).

2: Select the unit processes to be imported into SimaPro, right-click, and select Export.

3: Choose "SimaPro CSV" -> "Processes to SimaPro CSV", then click "Next".

4 : Set the export file path (the unit processes to be exported are already selected by default), and click "Finish".

5: Wait for the export to complete.

6: In SimaPro, click on the "File" tab in the top left corner, and select "Import".

7: Choose the file to be imported and click "OK".

8: Wait for the import to complete.

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