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OpenLCA Simplified Chinese Version Available for Download

Download the OpenLCA Simplified Chinese Version

The OpenLCA Simplified Chinese version is now available for download on the Tiangong Project website. Please visit the download page to proceed. We currently offer downloads for both Windows and MacOS. Please choose according to your needs.

Please note:

  1. What we provide is an installation package modified by the Tiangong team based on OpenLCA version 2.0.3. It includes a language pack but no modifications to the native software functions. Please follow the OpenLCA user manual and relevant materials for operation.

  2. For MacOS installations, an error message may appear. Please allow the program to run in System Settings — Privacy and Security — Security (Sonoma version, other versions may vary).

About Official Updates

Currently, the OpenLCA Simplified Chinese localization has been accepted by the official team and can be found in the GreenDelta GitHub OpenLCA project. GreenDelta will include the Simplified Chinese version in subsequent officially released versions.

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