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Release Note: v0.2.0 - with EF 3.1 Reference Package

Updated: Apr 23

Long time no see! We are excited to announce a major new version of the TianGong Database, now with the latest EF 3.1 reference package.

Please note that it will take a very much longer time to import to openLCA. It is normal and please wait.

Important Updates:

  • EF 3.1 Reference Package

    • We have updated our data to with the reference package of Environmental Footprint scheme (EF 3.1).

  • EF 3.1 LCIA Methods

    • We have added methods to the life cycle environmental impact assessment, based on the latest methodology document from EF 3.1.

  • New Data Classification System

    • We have implemented a new data classification system in the database to prevent misunderstanding and misuse. Data are categorized, at top-level, as follows:

      • Unit Process: Data concerning unit processes that include raw material inputs, product outputs, energy inputs, waste outputs, and pollutant emissions.

      • Reference Parameters: Data used solely as parameters. For instance, data from the Second National Pollution Census, providing pollutant emission factors, are categorized as Reference Parameters, which includes product outputs and pollutant emission factors.

New Additions:

  • LCIA Methods:

  • Added flow method data for life cycle environmental impact assessment, based on the latest methodology from EF 3.1. Impact Categories include:

  • Human toxicity, USEtox 2.1 (non-cancer, organics, inorganics);

  • Human toxicity, USEtox 2.1 (cancer, organics, inorganics);

  • Climate change, Baseline model of the IPCC 2021 (fossil, biogenic, land use and change);

  • Ecotoxicity, USEtox (freshwater, inorganics, organics);

  • Water use, AWARE 100(Abaiblable water Remaining);

  • Land use, Soil quality index;

  • Resource use, Abiotic resource depletion (fossils, minerals and metals);

  • EF-particulate Matter, Exposure model;

  • Photochemical ozone formation - human health, LOTOS-EUROS;

  • Ionising radiation, human health, Human exposure efficiency relative to U235;

  • Ozone depletion,1999 WMO assessment of ozone depletion;

  • Acidification, Accumulated Exceedance method;

  • Eutrophication - terrestrial, Accumulated Exceedance method;

  • Eutrophication, CARMEN model for waterborne emissions and EUTREND for airborne emissions (marine, freshwater);

  • Unit Process Data:

  • Added unit process data for the soil remediation sector.

  • Added unit process data for electricity generation in thermal power plants.

  • Added unit process data for the electricity production structure of each province in China.

  • Flow Data:

    • Added new flows for chalcogenide photovoltaics.

Issue Fixes:

  • Unit Process Data:

  • Revised unit process data for regional power production.

  • Flow Data:

  • Consolidated the flow UUID for duplicated flow information.


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