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Release Note: v0.1.3

New Additions:

  • Unit Process Data

    • Added data related to aluminum production

    • Added agricultural product data, including corn production in Zhangye Gaotai, Northwestern China, and crop production (tomato), etc.

    • Added data on photovoltaic module recycling

  • Flow Data: Added product flows required in the fields of shale gas, soil remediation, concrete, aluminum, wind turbine blades, etc.

Issue Fixes:

  • CEEIO Data: Corrected the currency data values to comply with the ILCD's default currency unit requirement of Euros, using a conversion rate of 7.5 RMB to 1 Euro.

  • Unit Process Data:

    • Revised content in the data acquisition method field

    • Corrected input-output flow checks

    • Standardized flow information related to electricity

  • Flow Data:

    • Corrected flow classification information

    • Removed and corrected redundant flow information: including BOD flow and electrical current


  • Thanks to Mr. Chengjun Liu and Mr. Changjie Cheng for pointing out the issues with the CEEIO and steel data.


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