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The Tiangong AI team, in collaboration with Kaiwu, has contributed components to LangChain, the world's largest generative AI open-source community

On January 4, 2024, led by the AI team of the School of Environment at Tsinghua University (, in collaboration with the Kaiwu team from the open-source community (, contributed the Chat Model API component of the ZHIPU AI open platform to LangChain, and the contributed code has been officially merged in LangChain v0.0.354. This initiative is jointly supported by ZHIPU AI's "Z Plan" and the SMP-ZHIPU AI Large Model Interdisciplinary Fund.

LangChain is the world's largest generative AI open-source community, aimed at integrating various large language models, managing dialogue states, implementing complex dialogue logic, and interacting with a variety of external data sources and services to simplify and accelerate the development process of AI systems. It is one of the most prominent open-source projects in the generative AI field (probably none).

LangChain users can now easily leverage ZHIPU AI's language models ChatGLM-Turbo (which supports Streaming and asynchronous calls) and the highly anthropomorphic CharacterGLM through the langchain.chat_models.ChatZhipuAI module.

For specific application methods, please visit the official LangChain documentation: Your use and feedback are welcome.

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