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Release Note: v0.1.2

New Additions:

  • GLAD Adaptation: New fields such as 'data selection and combination principles', 'data Treatment And Extrapolations Principles', and 'Use Advice For DataSet' have been added to meet data aggregation requirements.

  • Unit Process Data: New data regarding aluminum production has been added.

  • Flow Data: Correspondingly added data for new flows.

Issue Fixes:

  • Contact File: Corrected classification information to match ILCD classification requirements.

  • CEEIO Data: Clarified the inputs/outputs of the flows.

  • CEEIO Data: Corrected the creator's uuid.

  • Natural Gas Extraction Data: Corrected the names of unit processes.

  • Flow: Updated multilingual support for flows and corrected some content in specific flows.

Important Tips:

  • Refer to the newly added "Data Usage Explanation" field for guidance before using the data.

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